Puppy Classes- This is for puppies under the age of 16 weeks. Exceptions can be made, depending on dog and circumstances. Topics covered: play biting, potty training, socialization, leave-it, coming when called, fetch, sharing, walking on a loose leash, sit, down, stand, fear issues, stay, some tricks and more. 
Contact: High Point Animal Hospital 

Private Class for you and your friends- I can teach a class for you and several friends on a topic of your choosing. Contact me for more information.

Reactive Dog Class- This is for dogs that lunge and bark while on leash. This class is taught at Toledo's PETBull Project learning center.
Contact: (Not currently being offered)

In Home Dog Sitting- This is done either by Jay or Brianna. Contact for availability or more information.
Contact: Jay Barman: 419-290-4370
Brianna Chambers: 330-903-0305

Private Lessons
- I come to your home office or other agreed upon location. Sessions typically last a little over 1 hour. Privates can be used for fixing problem behaviors, obedience, teaching a dog sport like tracking, or anything you want.
Stay and Train- I take your dog for 2+ weeks and train it. This is limited and I must meet you and your dog prior to doing this. Some problems will not be helped with this type of arrangements. Also, some dogs I would not want to live with. Your dog lives with me, not in a kennel environment. It might sleep in a crate depending on the owner and dog. (Not currently being offered)
Dog Facility Layout and Improvements- I have experience with set up, maintenance, layout, and redesign of facilites. There are simple cheap design changes that can be made to: quiet down a dog facility, improve quality of life for dogs, improve flow of traffic (both dogs and human), develop a cleaning protocol, and more.
Staff Training- Train your staff on safe animal handling, body language, humane tactics for dealing with dogs in the facility, how not to get bit, dog body language, calming signals, and more.

Consulting- This is for business that want help with product design and improvements. Contact me for more information and referrals.